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About Us
Finding a better way to do just about everything offered in nurse staffing is one of the reasons why Debbie Goodrich created Annexa Professional Staffing in 2005. Tired of being treated like a cog in a wheel or a number with prior nursing agencies, Debbie was inspired to put the personal touch into a business that would reward nurses who valued that quality as much as she did. Today, Annexa Professional Staffing is among the preferred Seattle-area agencies that contract and per diem nurses rely upon to enjoy rewarding assignments where they are seen, heard, and appreciated for the healing skills and talents that save lives every day.

Regardless of dramatic shifts in the economy, Annexa Professional Staffing has stayed strong and vital in service to quality healthcare organizations who value the opportunity to engage talented, experienced, and happy nurses who enjoy and prefer to work on a contract basis.

Debbie fell in love with nursing after the birth of her first daughter. She loved the freedom and flexibility of creating her own schedule around her young family. Best of all, she worked half as much and earned a full-time income by choosing the contract path. Today, her business is all about swinging wide open the door for nurses in Seattle, Montana, and Oregon to enjoy the same rewards.

Having grown up around customer service centered entrepreneurs, Debbie has always been motivated to find creative, innovative, and service-oriented solutions to make people happy and bring welcome rewards to all. She loves hearing from clients who say that Annexa Professional Staffing is everything she ever hoped it would be … a quality professional staffing agency that cares deeply about people and walks that talk with every telephone call, reference check, background check, and personal meeting they experience.

Annexa Professional Staffing is an award-winning agency that is proud to have earned the Joint Commission Accreditation for quality and service.

The personal touch is what you’ll remember most about working with me and Annexa Professional Staffing.

The Joint Commission
Annexa Professional Staffing has achieved the Gold Seal of Approval™ for health care staffing services from The Joint Commission for its 3rd consecutive review!